Educated : Just Us Books


It wasn't until I was older that I could fully appreciate seeing black mothers doing thing like making sure they bought their daughters black barbies.  I didn't realize how powerful subliminal messages about beauty, inferiority, image, and everything in between could so easily be ingrained in the mild of a child.  Now I know better... and that's the reason why I am feel so good about writing this post.

Just Us Books is a publishing company dedicated to producing positive, vibrant Black-interest books.  This company was started and is ran by the husband and wife team Wade and Cheryl Hudson.  Check out their site for more info at www.justusbooks.com, it's the perfect gift for a younger sibling, cousin, niece, nephew, friend, neighbor, or anybody.

Some of their titles include:

Afro-Bets Kids

AFRO-BETS: Coloring and Activity Book by Dwayne Ferguson

Bright Eyes, Brown Skin

 Bright Eyes, Brown Skin by Cheryl W. Hudson (Paper Back)

Baby Jesus Like my Brother

Baby Jesus Like my Brother by Margery Brown(Paper Back)

The Secret Olivia Told Me

The Secret Olivia Told Me by N. Joy

Kid Caramel

Kid Caramel: The Werewolf Of PS 40 by Dwayne Ferguson

New Guys Around the Block

New Guys Around the Block by Rosa Guy