Non-Conforming: The Problem with “Separate but Equal”

I am an employee at the International Civil Rights Center & Museum. As a result of this, I experience a lot of things… especially long working hours. But on a more positive note, I am consistently surrounded by a rich legacy and history of people making whatever sacrifices were necessary to achieve the desired results. We're not going to get into the down sides of the job like people requesting tours of the Underground Railroad. I'll save that comedy for another post. But, I digress, let's get to the storyline of why I wrote this post *scene change*

I hadn't had a real day off in weeks, so I made a point to take the weekend off. For some reason I feel like completely changing atmospheres for a few days every now and then restores your mentally. So, I hopped a train, found a window seat, blasted some Badu in the headphones, and started adjusted my mindset to #VacationMode.


Driven: Darren Brand

"Laughter heals all." - Darren Brand
Darren Brand is known for his personality, passion, and distinct comedy style delivery.  For anyone who has come in contact Darren, it’s easily learned that his natural aura is just as authentic and original as his comedic delivery.  From the outside, it’s easy to assume that you have a general understanding of a person’s background and how they got to where they are.  The bad part about this is 9 times out of 10 we’re usually wrong.
Outside of being an outlet to thousands of people through his experience in event planning, motivational speaking, hosting, and comedy, Darren Brand has a story behind his successes.
As a native of Southern Pines, North Carolina, Darren has had occurrences within his life that could easily cause one to detour on a path of negativity or cause a lack in enthusiasm.  These two things are definitely not defined in Darren’s dictionary.
When asked what triggered the desire of his current successes, Brand had this to say.
“Being able to tell my story, coming up with a hard upbringing, and proving you can go to school and not quit. I use laughter to hide what I go through and it’s therapy so why not pass that along.”
“Failure is not an option.” one of the quotes that Darren has used throughout his life has proven to be true as he continues on the ladder to success and pursues his dream of being a rising star.
Darren has performed shows in Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh and Durham North Carolina.
Check out the website! http://www.darrenbrand.com
For bookings, please email: noroommanagement@verizon.net
For some of Darren’s videos peep  http://www.youtube.com/DarrenBrandTV  and be sure to follow Darren on Twitter @darrenbrand.