Driven: Craig Stokes

"You are only as great as your last accomplishment."- Craig Stokes

Craig Stokes is a CEO, Producer, TV Personality, Host, Designer, Stylist, Actor, and Leader. He is dedicated to showing people what can be achieved through his many talents. As CEO of Craig Stokes Productions, and creator and host of Style Minute, Craig continues to create a lifestyle for his viewers through his astonishing ability to connect with an audience while staying true to who he is and what he does. "I enjoy the process of having an idea and making that into a product".

As someone who describes himself as never falling into trends, his drive has allowed him to form a platform of successes in which he has provided apparel for organizations, Fortune 1000 companies, events, and universities. "I'm not one who is afraid to try it, but one to do it". Craig is renowned for his "MY VOTE COUNTS" clothing line, two additional shows under the well-known show Style Minute, and Style University or Style U, a lifestyle fashion-based tour for college age men that travels to colleges and universities around the country. (www.styleuniv.com)

Craig let us at UA know that he is just getting started! In addition to creating and designing apparel, Craig hosts events, fashion and award shows, and is a personal shopper and stylist.

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"I'm a regular guy on a mission to do some really extraordinary things in my lifetime. I love people, entertaining, style, technology, being creative, and expanding my "vision" so that I can "see" further today than I did yesterday. Some call me a renaissance man - you can simply call me Craig."

 For more info on Craig Stokes visit www.craigstokes.com !!!