Educated : Just Us Books


It wasn't until I was older that I could fully appreciate seeing black mothers doing thing like making sure they bought their daughters black barbies.  I didn't realize how powerful subliminal messages about beauty, inferiority, image, and everything in between could so easily be ingrained in the mild of a child.  Now I know better... and that's the reason why I am feel so good about writing this post.

Just Us Books is a publishing company dedicated to producing positive, vibrant Black-interest books.  This company was started and is ran by the husband and wife team Wade and Cheryl Hudson.  Check out their site for more info at www.justusbooks.com, it's the perfect gift for a younger sibling, cousin, niece, nephew, friend, neighbor, or anybody.

Socially Conscious : BCEApparel


In a world where it's the norm amongst the masses to equate "minority" to "inferiority", the examples of quality promotion or pride in differences are few and far between. Every blue moon our community comes upon an entity that completes the process of transforming a dream or idea into stable, tangible, and even legal form.  Black College Expressons, Inc. [@BCEApparel] creates clothing that illustrates the Pride their consumers possess for their respective HBCUs, sororities, and fraternities.  The company stands on the principles of "Pride", "Style", and "Swagger".  Visit their website for more details at http://www.blackcollegeexpressions.com/

We also got a chance to catch up with the owner of BCE Apparel, read the interview below:


Stylish : Allan.Marco


Allan.Marco is an up and coming clothing line created by Marcus Cobb.  A line that caters to the "Urban Sophisticate" with a mission of creating ready to wear fashions for men and women, not only to make them look their best, but to project self-acceptance and enhance confidence.  The product line includes bow ties, vests, graphic tees, and customized pieces.  Check out a few pieces:

Driven : Lawrence Wiggins


Lawrence Wiggins is a is 24-year old producer out of North Carolina. Widely-known for his ability to produce creative remixes, he is set to take the music industry by storm. Be sure to visit www.lawrencewiggins.net

(WARNING: This post is strictly dedicated to lovers of real music... all bandwagon, bubble gum rap, leaner and rockers need not proceed reading from this point. Thanks)