Driven: Newton Dennis

"Greatness takes time. Don't rush any decisions and know that it takes time to build a brand".

Newton Dennis has a drive that exemplifies determination, patience, and consistency. As Chief Operations Officer for Nxlevel Lifestyle and Entertainment Group, Newton has proven to be one of action as he has worked to help set the foundation of the Nxlevel brand even in the early stages of development alongside CEO Hercules Conway.

Native of Washington D.C by way of Jamaica, Newton has naturally embraced the art of entrepreneurship and as a consequence he has had the opportunity to orchestrate several successful events through Nxlevel Entertainment by branching out to the "upper echelon", a distinct audience consisting of the educated, fashionable, media savvy, and culturally diverse. It is a group that demands upscale, exclusive, and unforgettable events.

This is only the beginning for Newton as he stresses the need to be forever innovative, as this leads to the ultimate form of success. "When it is all said and done, we want the record to show that Nxlevel Entertainment was ONLY the beginning".

We at Urban Argyle had the opportunity to catch up with Newton for an exclusive interview…peep it!

How did the two of you begin working together? Where did your paths cross?


After Nxlevel Entertainment was formed in 2005, I worked behind the scenes helping with operations, themes, ideas, etc. In spring 2008, I officially became a member of upper management and it has been that way ever since.


In your early development where did your inspiration come from?


My inspiration came from my parents. In everything they were a part of, they gave 110%. My entrepreneurship spirit came from my father & my grandmother. They owned and operated their own business in Jamaica, a restaurant & bar.


What makes Nxlevel's approach to the entertainment industry unique?


Our brand is unique. We cater to a specific clientele, the upper echelon. This includes but not limited to well educated, fashionable, media savvy and culturally diverse individuals who demand upscale, exclusive, and unforgettable events. Additionally, we make certain that the individuals who make up our company have those same characteristics.


What is your proudest Nxlevel career moment?

I have had several proud moments over the years, from the White Party Weekend 09 to Homecoming 2009, but I would have to say my proudest moment was making our 5 year Anniversary in August of 2010. As we all know, the majority of businesses fail in their first few years so it was a proud moment for us to hit our 5 year mark. Five years of consistency, five years of spectacular events, five years of milestones… a very proud moment indeed.

What is your favorite Nxlevel event to attend?

Lovers & Friends and our 21 & Up Homecoming Events are my favorite.

What are your personal and professional dreams?

My ultimate goal is to own and operate some local business in Greensboro, NC. We have worked long & hard to set a great foundation with our Nxlevel brand and now it is time to move onto restaurants, lounges, and even some franchises. When it is all said and done, we want the record to show that Nxlevel Entertainment was ONLY the beginning.


What advice can you give to any aspiring entrepreneurs?


Greatness takes time. Don't rush any decisions and know that it takes time to build a brand. There will be downfalls and bad days, but remember, perseverance is the key. DO NOT QUIT, DON'T EVER GIVE UP!


Where do you see Nxlevel in the next 5 years?

Alive and Well. We plan to still be doing innovative events and taking Nightlife to the Nxlevel. We also want to expand to a few more cities, Atlanta and a greater presence in Washington DC is the goal. 


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