Stylish/Driven: Tiffany Okafor

Tiffany Okafor, a multi-faceted entertainer from North Carolina is the epitome of self-expression. Tiffany has performed at several universities across the country, venues such as the world famous Apollo Theater, and furthermore has traveled the world granting the public with her unique style and presence through poetry, song, theater arts, and modeling.

We here at Urban Argyle had the chance to interview Tiffany and get some familiarity on some of Tiffany's projects, pieces, and views on what's important to her during the "grind" to accomplish her reality of success in the entertainment industry.

You can find Tiffany in her new home of Washington, D.C. where she hosts monthly at the well known establishment of Bus Boys & Poets and a variety of lounges and nightclubs throughout the DC area.

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So Tiffany, everyone has their calling in life. When and how did you know that creative arts was yours?

A career in the arts is something I've wanted since the 3rd grade when I wrote the lyrics to my first song! Back then, I believed that anything was possible! And somewhere along the line, I lost site of that mentality. And though I was involved in theater in high school and even majored in dramatic art in college, the idea that I could actually make a successful career out of this thing called art did not sit well with me until December of 2009. It was at that point that I finally decided, I would not be happy if I was not actively pursuing the arts! And that's what it, my calling, boils down to, what it is that makes me happy!


You have the opportunity to express who Tiffany Okafor is to so many people through your work and personality. What is your personal definition of self expression?

Simply put, self expression is about not being afraid to "be who you be!" lol. We grow, we change, and we may have different ideas today than we had yesterday. Self expression is about not being afraid to express who you are today, who you were yesterday and who you'll be tomorrow. It's about embracing all the growth, beauty, and sometimes ugliness that is YOU!


Poet, Singer/Songwriter, Emcee, Theater Artist, Model. When it comes to entertainment you're a powerhouse! How do you manage your time as you grind? Tips please!

I keep an agenda, not one on my blackberry, cell phone, iPod, computer, or whatever else. I have a small bound paper agenda I keep at home. I schedule my days at least one day in advance, and before I confirm anything, I check my agenda to make sure I don't overextend myself. Each morning, I program meetings, photoshoots, and gigs into my phone so that a little alarm goes off as a reminder about 30 min before a gig or meeting. I am, at present, my own manager and my own secretary, so I have to stay on top of it! I even programmed "begin & complete Argyle Interview" into my phone for today!

How does one go from random impromtu comedy sketches with funny accents in your high school AP classes to rubbing elbows with a-list celebs like Lupe Fiasco? How do you stay grounded?

LOL! That's funny, and I wouldn't say that I've rubbed elbow with a-list celebs! I've seen and spoken with some talented people, but that's all we all are: PEOPLE! And staying grounded? Girl, I am my own manager and secretary right now! People who have secretaries and assistants, I'll leave the big-headedness to them! Lol. Besides, if my family (especially my mom) ever sensed that any bit of helium pumped my head up, she'd be sure to burst my bubble and bring me right back down to planet earth! I'm so grateful to my family for their constant support, encouragement, and just the way they always keep things real. If I ask my mom or my sisters if a photo, lyric, or melody sucks, best believe, they'll let me know it sucks! And they never forget to tell me when I do a great job either!


Given all of your successes to date, who or what has played a part in getting you to where you are in your career?

The idea that I can do anything! In the moments I've chosen to believe that idea, I've done incredible things, met some incredible people and seen some incredible sights! So that idea is something I keep locked tight in my mind, and it's something I affirm myself of on a regular basis! That idea and my choice to believe in it is what's allowed me to accomplish all of what I've set out for. And best believe, there's still more to come…


So I enjoyed your piece called "foodgasms". I personally happen to get them from time to time haha. Where does your inspiration to write come from?

Awwww, thank you! And my inspiration simply comes from the ideas, events, and people around me. But sometimes I'm given a prompt. For example, I wrote "Foodgasms" for a festival in NYC called Globesity. The artists performing were to fast and write a creative piece about what fasting was like…lol. See, nobody knows that tidbit about "Foodgasms." They had a sista on the floor achin' for Krispy Kreme or at least some cheese and crackers…


Care to share what your fav poetic piece is? Where can we peep that?

My favorite piece by another artist is "Amethyst Rocks" by Saul Williams! He's an amazing poet, brilliant theater artist, and just a cool dude! Cop Williams' THE DEAD EMCEE SCROLLS for that poem! And what's my favorite poem by Tiffany Okafor? It's a poem I don't perform much anymore entitled "The Rain Never Came." I wrote it in the 11th grade and it was a poem I became known for when I started performing in college. It's my favorite because it represents a time in my writing when every emotion was very dark but at the same time, pure and beautiful. And you can cop it in my book (coming soon, shhhh!!)


Whether or not your in NC, DC, France, or anywhere else in the world you've traveled to (smile), I'm curious to know the feeling you get after a performance on stage.

I usually think "Thank God that went well!" lol. Most times, I am just excited that I played a role in making at least one person smile during the time I spent onstage yapping! I just love that!


So Tiffany what's next for you?

GREATNESS! More performing, more modeling, more traveling, and hopefully more amazing and talented people to meet!


Where can viewers go to see you in action or to read/listen to some of your work?



Thanks so much DeLila!